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Upload from May 31, 2012

Our Winner!

Hi guys! If you follow us over on Facebook, you know we have a 24 hour contest to enter for a free photo shoot OR a free print from our travel photography.

How we decided our winner:
We put all of your entries into a spreadsheet:
First all the “Likes”
Then all the “Comments”
Then all the “Shares”

We then put the number of entries into

And it chose our winner!

So….Darci Huhn…you’re our winner!! Please email us at so we can chat about your prize!

And just because pictures are pretty, here is one I snapped last night of a lovely friend.

Upload from May 28, 2012

We know the blog has been neglected lately…that’s because we’re moving!

No, no - we’re staying in Edmonton. We’re moving our website! It should be done very soon…and then look out! We’re going to pummeling you with posts about our travels and our adventures back home.

Stay tuned!

Facebook Giveaway!

We’re having a giveaway over on our Facebook page!

We promised a giveaway when we reached 1,000 fans - we did it! How it works:
- 1 entry into the giveaway for “Liking” the status announcing the giveaway.
- 1 entry for commenting on the status (you can say whatever you like, just say hi, maybe tell us your fav place to travel!)
- 1 entry into the giveaway when you share the status

You will have 24 hours to enter. The winner will choose either a photoshoot with us (either in the local Edmonton area, or you have to pay our travel) OR a 16x24 print - you will have the choice of 3 different images to choose from.

We will be choosing the winner at random, so put your lucky hat on!

Head on over to check us out! Roughley Originals Facebook Page.

And just because we all like a bit of prettiness, here is a photo of the gorgeous couple from our FIRST wedding back in Canada!

Upload from May 24, 2012

Good luck!
Shauna & Gareth

What a Difference the Light Makes

Hello friends!

We recently posted an incredible photo in our post from the Hollyford Track. We hiked in one day, and out the next.

Day 1 - we stopped at the waterfall to try to get some shots. It just wasn’t working. The light was harsh since it was the middle of the day. This is the best photo Gareth captured of the waterfall on day 1.

Upload from May 08, 2012

It’s pretty, isn’t it?

Day 2 - On our hike back out, it was really cloudy. The sky was threatening rain, and the rainclouds created a perfect diffuser. Check it out.

Upload from April 24, 2012

It is a different angle, but the same waterfall. See my friends - what a difference the light makes?

Be patient, take your time and be ready to capture something amazing. We always use the conditions we have, but sometimes it’s worth going back for the light right. After all, photography is light.

Shauna & Gareth

One Week Home

Last Monday, at 11:15 am, Gareth nudged me from my half-awake state that I take on when I’m on an airplane. My heart had been fluttering for the last nine hours. My mind was reeling with questions and excitement. It had been so long. I had no idea what to expect.

Gareth’s nudge brought me back to the present, to the here and now. He told me to lean over him to look out the window. Right below us, Edmonton sat, splayed out over flat, dry land.    

A current of emotions ran through me. Home. 17 months to the day since I had seen this city. And to be perfectly honest, it was…a bit more sparse than I remember. We had just come from the UK, with its green, lush fields, the flowers blooming and flourishing. We had spent the weekend in my favourite city - London - and there aren’t many places that can compare to its cobblestone back street and low-ceilinged pubs. 

Never the less, I igored the barren look of the fields - I knew who was waiting for me once we hit the ground. I was wide awake, on high alert, and I was hyper with excitement. A bit nervous, a bit giddy. As every big occasion is celebrated, Gareth and I had a little dance party in our seats as the seatbelt sign came on and we descended to the city I have called home for 27 years.

Security and bag pickup took all of 15 minutes. And just like I had imagined it, my mamma was standing there with open arms and a massive smile as we came through the gate.

Edmonton greeted us with a beautiful summer’s day - which is rare here in May. Our first stop was our house - we had rented it out and so hadn’t been in it since October 1, 2010. I felt like we were in a dream as I walked through the place we had first made a home together.

My dad met us there, with his beaming smile and happy chuckle. His girl was home, safe and sound. 

That evening family and friends poured into my parent’s backyard and we were suddenly surrounded by people I had missed and longed for.

As we sat there and chatted and talked, we slipped back in as if we belonged. The best way I can describe it is - everything has changed, but nothing has. People have grown and changed. Appearances have altered. And yet, at the base of it all - their hearts are just as we left them, ready and open for us to slip back into.

Life has been a huge readjustment, and we’re not quite there yet. We have a home to fill with everything that has been in storage. We have people to catch up with. And the thing that has been the hardest for me - we have a time zone to readjust to.

We also hit the ground running - our first week home consisted of two client meetings with wedding clients and a mother’s day photo shoot. No rest for the wicked over here!

17 months
8 countries
Over 30,000 photos
Countless memories
Forever changed

There is nothing like setting out on an adventure. There is especially nothing like setting out with the person you love more than anything in this world. But my friends, let me tell you, there is nothing like coming home again. Thank you doesn’t seem enough for all of the support we recieved while on this adventure. Being grateful doesn’t seem adaquate to show you how much we appreciate it. Every bit of it. Every comment, every like, every time you took the time to read about our adventure, to cheer us on when we were on our highs, to give us words of encouragement when we were on our lows. Sharing it with you has made it so much bigger than we ever imagined it could be. And we have only shared our adventures into November! So much more is coming.

It feels so good to be back. To be home.

 Our coming home gift from my very generous Aunt. It’s exactly perfect.

Upload from May 15, 2012

We have a whole new chapter to start. And we can’t wait to share it with you.

With Love,

The Milford Road (pt 2) ~New Zealand~

See Part 1 here.

We finished the Lake Alabaster section of the Hollyford Track cold and frozen from the downpour of rain, so after changing into warm, cuddly clothes, making some tea, we were off again. We had mre of the Milford Road to explore!

Now, if you know much about New Zealand, chances are you know about Milford Sound. People say a lot about it - we could say a lot about it! But I’ll try not to, because you would get bored. What I will say is this place is magical, memorizing, and looks even better when it’s raining.

Gertrude Saddle. We were pumped and ready to do a hike up here - the rain had even stopped - until we found out crampons and winter gear would be necessary. Uh….we live in a van…we don’t have that kind of gear. We’ll just look from here.

Upload from May 04, 2012

 While winter still rages above, the Mount Cook Lilly is blooming all around us.

Upload from May 04, 2012

Keas, keas everywhere!

Keas are the worlds only alpine parrot, and they live in New Zealand! We had visits from these cheeky little monkeys..woops birds…a couple of times. They love to rip apart cars, steal your lunch and put on a show. The more you laugh the more they perform. I was eating my lunch in the van and this kea tried to get in through the window, the windscreen, and the sunroof to get at my sandwich.

Upload from May 04, 2012

We were recommended to stop at the Chasm, and we’re so glad we did. This place is hard to explain. Countless years of water pounding over the rocks has carved weird and unusual patterns. Here is the river before it falls through the chasm.

Upload from May 04, 2012

Jumping in the rain.

Upload from May 04, 2012

Now, for the main event. Mitre Peek is THE thing to see in Milford Sound. We really lucked out. We hate that word when used most ways, but weather is one thing we can’t control, so luck is involved here. Be still my heart, if it wasn’t for the sandflies I could have sat here all night.

Upload from May 04, 2012

Upload from May 04, 2012

We walked around the base of the Sound for a bit, taking in the views. But Gareth was anxious to get back up to the Homer Tunnel. He had spotted a photo op right near the tunnels entrance, and we needed to get there before sunset.

A quick stop along the way. Can you guess my full name??

Upload from May 04, 2012

Shauna Donne Roughley!

Worth leaving the Sound for? Indeed it was my friends.

Upload from May 04, 2012

Shauna & Gareth

Use it, Abuse it, Love it.

Our cameras have been through the wars. They’ve been out in pouring rain, in the desert on a camel safari, in the dust of India’s cities and the tops of New Zealand mountains. They have been banged and bashed (but thankfully never dropped!). They have been used, abused and put to the test.

During our final weeks in New Zealand my camera started acting up. Rarely at first, but partway through India it became difficult to take a good photo. By the time we arrived in the UK I was worried I was a horrible photographer and I didn’t know how to take a good photo.

We found a Canon approved repair centre in Stoke-on-Trent called H. Lehmann. An unassuming, plain storefront on a nondescript road left us slightly nervous about leaving such a treasured possession - albeit a broken one - in this location. But as soon as the man behind the counter started chatting, our faith was restored. This man knew his business.

We weren’t sure if it was worth it to have the camera fixed. We’ve ordered a new one for when we get home - the Canon 5D Mark lll for you photogs - but we wanted my  current camera - the 50D - as a backup. Since it would soon just be a backup, we didn’t want to spend too much money on it.

The man assured us it was worth it, so I pulled my bag off and slowly opened it. I was embarrassed for this professional to see my camera. Dirt and dust was stuck into places I couldn’t reach. I had taken ear buds to it a few times to clean it the best I could, but it looked like it had been hanging out with Charlie Brown and Pig Pen. Scratches had taken off the paint, the Canon logo on my lens cap was part rubbed off.

“Please excuse the state of my camera,” I murmured with my eyes down, my cheeks turning pink. “It’s been around the world with us.”

The man took that battered piece of treasure that had become my extra limb in the last 18 months and examined it. “That’s the way it should be. We don’t have these things for them to sit on the shelf now do we?”

I looked up beaming. Gareth was smiling too. When we find a fellow photographer in our camp - the “Use it!” camp - we jump for joy. Learning this man who has the skill to fix these intricate machines was happy to see them put through the rigours was a relief - and a delight.

As he filled out the form he informed me with a cheeky smile that the serial number had been worn out. No surprise there.

I waited a week, and my camera was ready. So soon! I was thrilled. I was eager to have it back in my hands and played with it all afternoon. It focuses again! My photos are sharp!

We knew this was true, but the lovely man at the Canon Shop helped remind us:

Use your gear. Take it with you, leave it turned on, have it ready to go. Take photos, as much as you can, as often as you can. Love what you do.

Upload from May 02, 2012

Shauna & Gareth

Mother's Day Special

*Please note this session has been filled. There is going to be one very happy mom on Mother’s Day!*

Hello everyone!

A few things have come to our realization in the last few days.

1. We’re going to be home in LESS THAN A WEEK! It doesn’t seem real.
2. Canadian Mother’s Day is coming up!

We love our moms (mum for Gareth!) and we’re sure you do too. So, we want to do a photo shoot for a wonderful family on Canadian Mother’s Day - Sunday, 13 May. Whoever books with us for that date, we will give you 50% off the session fee.

Yep, 50% off the session fee!

It has to be on Mother’s Day, and it’s first come first serve. Email us for details & to book:

Show your mom some love, and capture this time for her. Because Life is Beautiful.

Shauna and her mom in New Zealand on the R Tucker Thompson

Upload from May 01, 2012

Gareth and his mum JUMPING on the beach in Devon, England

Upload from May 01, 2012

Lots of Love,
Shauna & Gareth

New Logo!

As we prepare to come home to Edmonton, we’ve decided Roughley Originals needs a makeover! Our new logo has been designed, and soon our new website will be ready. We’ll still be sharing all our travel and personal adventures, we’ll just be adding in work with our awesome clients too.

What do you think? We would love to hear your feedback!

Our logo is our first impression to strangers. I feel like it’s the wardrobe of our business, and just like choosing the right clothes to reflect your style, our logo needed to reflect us. Us as individuals, us as a team, and how we want Roughley Originals to be percieved.  The very talented Richard Harris took all this on board and has created the beginnings of this exciting transformation - he’s also creating our website for us. If you want some contact info just let us know, and we’ll hook you up.

We’re of the opinion that if we want people to value us for our profession, we need to engage people in their chosen profession. Richard knows design, and we’re stoked we left it to him to make us something we loved.

Much Love,
Shauna & Gareth

The Hollyford Track ~New Zealand~

Partway along the Milford Road we detoured to do a bit of hiking. Shocking, I know!

We headed towards Gunn’s Camp, near the start of the Hollyford track. The weather was iffy, raining off and on, so we were slightly concerned with the long hike in. However, as soon as we arrived the clouds cleared and the sun came out. We were in luck again!

We would be hiking 19.5 km to the second DOC hut on the track. We met the lovely owners at Gunn’s, who gave us a pack of matches so we would be able to eat that evening! Packs on our backs, we were off.

Upload from April 05, 2012

Getting ready

Upload from April 05, 2012

Our destination: Alabaster Hut

Upload from April 05, 2012

Today’s hike was very differnet to Milford, and it’s different to many we have hiked since. The path winds and weaves through the forest, allowing for a quiet, protected walk, the Hollyford River meandering not far away.

Stopping for lunch.

Upload from April 24, 2012

Upload from April 05, 2012

Back on the trail - Gareth in a tree! Being a tree!

Upload from April 24, 2012

Weaving over the rivers and streams repeatedly meant traipsing swinging bridge after swinging bridge. Not for those afraid of heights…or swinging things. This walk is known for its waterfalls, and soon we found our way to the first of the bigger falls.

Upload from April 05, 2012

Hidden Falls has a clever name. As you can guess it can’t be seen from the bridge or the path, so we took the short side trail to find it tucked around the corner. Through the warm, glorious sun we strolled into spray carried upon a chilly breeze.

Upload from April 05, 2012

Because of the inscessant spray from the falls we couldn’t capture the shot we would have liked. Instead, we continued on our way across the swing bridge.

Upload from April 05, 2012

Upload from April 05, 2012

Upload from April 24, 2012

Upload from April 24, 2012

Upload from April 24, 2012

Gareth on Homer Saddle!

Upload from April 05, 2012

Upload from April 05, 2012

Upload from April 05, 2012

This was a long walk, and it took us a good few hours to do. There were hills as we climbed up and over Homer’s Saddle, but nothing too intense.

The end of the day. You can see the hut in the background, which by the looks of things I’m ready for!

Upload from April 05, 2012

The hut is right on the edge of Lake Alabaster. We had a quick look before dumping our bags in the sturdy building.

Upload from April 24, 2012

Upload from April 05, 2012

The DOC huts have bunk rooms. This one was different from any others we had seen so far - as you can see, there is one long slab of wood for multiple people to sleep on. This means, if it was full, we’d be sleeping next to strangers. Luckily there were two bunk rooms in this hut, and only two couples. We each had a private room!

Upload from April 05, 2012

A lovely wood stove to keep us warm.

Upload from April 05, 2012

A typical DOC kitchen. Metal countertops spread througout the room so we could spread out all of our gear. There is running water that is drinkable - trust me this is a Godsend so you don’t have to carry more than a day’s worth - and plenty of room to set up our little one burner camp stove.

Upload from April 05, 2012

As usual, we passed out early, cozy and warm in the hut. Hiking exhausts us, and we always sleep well.

The next morning we awoke to the promise of rain from laden clouds overhead. Thankfully it held off long enough for Gareth to make the most of nature’s soft box. The cloudy, overcast day filtered even light upon Little Homer Falls.

Upload from April 24, 2012

Upload from April 24, 2012

Not long after leaving the falls the rain finally came in abundance.

Well worth getting a bit wet for.

Shauna & Gareth

The Milford Road (pt 1) ~New Zealand~

The Milford track was finished, and we couldn’t be happier. On the drive back from Milford as the rain poured, waterfalls cascaded down the mountains. We needed to go back and see the views properly. After a few days doing some photography work at the YHA in Te Anau, we set off.

The days started out beautifully, which meant me jumping for joy!

Upload from April 05, 2012

The Milford road is thick with beautiful green trees lining the way. We saw this sign and had to stop for a photo.

Upload from April 05, 2012

 Apparently it wasn’t 100 % accurate.

Upload from April 05, 2012

Mirror Lakes is more like a little pond. The reflection would be gorgeous on a clear still day…which we didn’t have. We still took the walk and checked it out, but it wasn’t anything special for us.

Upload from April 05, 2012

Next walk was up to Lake Marion. When we set out the weather had started to change a bit but the sky was still blue. We didn’t take many photos walking up because it was a steep and difficult walk up muddy paths and through rock slides that had wiped out trees.

By the time we reached Lake Marion the blue skies had disappeared, and in their place were thick grey rainclouds. This is a stunning spot, perfect for some quintessential Kiwi shots. Unfortunately the weather just wasn’t on our side today, so we played instead.

Upload from April 05, 2012

Jumping pictures with a timer was a challenge! We didn’t do too bad.

Upload from April 05, 2012 Upload from April 05, 2012

We scrambled back down the path from Lake Marion to the van. It was time to find a spot to park for the night. The Milford road has quite a few DOC campsites so we located the one nearest to us - Lake Gunn. When we arrived the rain was getting worse and we assumed we were in for a night inside the van. Luckily Gareth is a little more adventurous than me. He crawled out of the van and ventured to the lakeside, where the scene below was beginning to unfold. He ran back, grabbed his camera and headed back to the lake. It must have been a good view, so I hauled myself out of  the van to follow him.

Worth it. Worth the wet, worth the cold, worth the risk of having a chilly night. We weren’t in New Zealand to sit in a van, we were in New Zealand to spend the evening, side by side, watching nature at its best.

Upload from April 05, 2012

Worth every single second.

Shauna & Gareth